Route editor and library

Route editor and library

Site to create routes with lots of waypoints, the site also contains a large library with ready to drive routes that you can send to your phone for Apple car play or Android Auto (using the Google Maps App). offers users a unique and intuitive way to plan their routes, with two distinct sections on the website: an advanced route editor and a large route library with more than a 1000 route ready to use.

One of the unique features of is the option to have more than 10 waypoints in a route. This means users can plan complex routes with multiple waypoints: up to 150. 

The advanced route editor allows users to customize their routes in a variety of ways, including choosing the type of transportation, setting preferences for toll roads or highways, and adding custom waypoints. 

The large route library, on the other hand, offers users a wide selection of pre-planned routes to choose from. This means users can easily find routes that fit their needs and preferences.

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