2img.com: new site for image conversion

Zygomatic just launched a new site for online image conversion: 2img.com.

2img.com is a free online tool for the conversion of images.  Quickly convert images to another format. Resize, Crop, Flip, Rotate images in bulk. Enhance colors, add watermarks, borders and shadows.

  • Safe - Images are converted locally, in your browser, nothing is uploaded to a remote server;
  • Bulk - Convert many images at once, simply drop multiple images, ZIP file(s) or folders onto this window;
  • High quality - 2img is built upon ImageMagick, the leading tool for editing and manipulating digital images;
  • Versatile - A wide range of image formats is supported. Input image formats: .gif .png .jpg .webp .tif .bmp .svg .heic .avif. Output image formats: .gif .png .jpg .webp .avif .tif .bmp .pdf (.psd .xcf .tga .miff .ico .dcm .xpm .pcs .fits .ppm .pgm .pfm .mng .hdr .dds .otb .psb);
  • Reusable - Save your conversion settings for reuse at a later time.